Relations: Prints from the Study Collection


Sep 14 2020 - Oct 13 2020

Photography’s development in the Nineteenth century spurred an improvement in printmaking techniques and allowed for finely-detailed reproductions. Most of the pieces hanging in this exhibit demonstrate these advancements. Furthermore, these prints showcase popular and historically significant European artists at the end of this century.

Some of the featured prints were created by American companies in color, though most were published in black and white. Manufacturers like Gebbie & Co. produced many series of prints compiled into portfolios, bound, and sold from prices ranging from approximately $650 – $6500 in today’s market.

As part of the museum’s study collection, the selected artworks aim to stimulate conversation and questions of how one piece relates to another, or provoke thoughts of how these artworks inspire connections to a viewer today. These prints, stripped from their original portfolios, are exhibited amongst works from the same series or others. Join us in a conversation about relations and examine all these prints have to offer.

Relations: Prints from the DeVos Art Museum Study Collection is curated by Curator and Director, Emily Lanctot, and Collections Curator, Rachel Fugate. Exhibition installation by Christopher Moore, Exhibitions Manager.

Exhibition Images

Print Collection
Pasteur and his Granddaughter by Léon Joseph Florentin Bonnat