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Jul 28 2023 - Jun 01 2024

This exhibition considers our relationship to design using objects from the permanent collection. The included works demonstrate how advances in technology and proximity to materials help shape modern and contemporary design.

Aug 28 2023 - Nov 03 2023

Portraits serve as expressions of identity, popular taste, social standing, and as documents of who, when, and where. Representing one’s self in the best light or seeing others in understandable terms are motives behind why we record images of each other, whether for rituals, documentation of events, art making, or as expressions of status. True […]

Sep 21 2023 - Mar 01 2024

Fred Brian translated childhood observations into narrative artwork. Stories swapped at the kitchen table and surreal memories of his father placing a fishing boat into the living room for winter storage became the basis of personal myths in his black and white woodcut prints.

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