New to the Collection


Aug 15 2022 - May 01 2023

Three groups of new acquisitions from the permanent collection are on display here for the first time: Lundmark and the Lake, Kinngait: Artists’ Reflections in Print, and Selections in Contemporary Illustration. The paintings, prints, and illustrations on view were acquired from 2020-2022 and highlight the community’s ongoing dedication to building a permanent collection for NMU, Marquette, and the wider Upper Peninsula region. Special thanks go to Rachel Crary, Jeffrey Wagner, Diane Kordich, Russell Magnaghi, and various artists for their gifts.

Kinngait: Artists’ Reflections in Print

Features more than twenty prints depicting animals, people, and rituals that create a sense of place by Kinngait artists, including Saimaiyu Akesuk, Germaine Arnaktauyok, Kenojuak Ashevak, Sagiatuk Kakulu, Meelia Kelly, Ohotaq Mikkigak, Nikotai Mills, Kananginak Pootoogook, Malaija Pootoogook, Napachie Pootoogook, Pitaloosie Saila, and Ningeokuluk Teevee.

Lundmark and the Lake

Features several oil paintings that have never been shown together in the UP. Leon Lundmark, a nationally recognized marine painter, frequently visited the UP during the summer, often painting Lake Superior and Lake Michigan during his stays. He gifted paintings to locals who became friends and appreciated his moody and sensitively lit depictions of familiar waters.

Selections in Contemporary Illustration

This exhibition presents a range of styles and functions of illustration, showcasing how artists use different media and subject matter to utilize art as a form of communication. Artworks by Norm Breyfogle, John Hendrix, David Johnson, Anita Kunz, Scott Roberts, Burton Silverman, and Tyler Stout.