John Lautner: A Life in Architecture


Aug 19 2011 - Nov 13 2011

Marquette-born and NMU alumnus John Lautner (1911-1994) is considered one of the visionary architects of the twentieth century. Lautner received a liberal arts degree from Northern Michigan University before leaving to study with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin. He settled in Los Angeles where he became well known for designing innovative structures, particularly residential buildings that demonstrated a true sensitivity to location, space, structure and the wishes and needs of the clients he worked with. Lautner received the Gold Medal of the American Institutes of Architects in 1993. This exhibition highlights a range of Lautner’s residential architectural styles throughout his career through drawings, floorplans, models, photography and video. A series of special events will take place in September – November to celebrate one of Marquette’s most successful citizens.