Forty Years of Collecting


Mar 23 2015 - Jul 12 2015

Forty Years of Collecting:
Highlights from the Permanent Collection

Lee Hall Gallery was established at NMU in 1975 to showcase faculty and student work. Over the past forty years donors of artwork, funding and time have given generously to help bring the gallery to museum status with a diverse permanent art collection. Now the DeVos Art Museum holds over 1,500 pieces of artwork, artifact and ephemera from as near as Marquette to as far as Japan. Plans are in place to showcase the collection more regularly – this exhibition gives a hint at what’s to come. Selections from different areas of focus within the collection will be displayed, including Print/Illustration (lithographs by László Dús), Japanese Art (netsuke, craft and woodblock prints), Local and Regional Contemporary Art (new acquisitions from Tom Ferguson, Stan Hill, Susanne Kilpela, Carol Phillips and James Quirk) and Native American Art (quill boxes and birchbark bitings).

Exhibition Images