Margot Bergman / Philip Hanson


Aug 20 2009 - Sep 26 2009

Margot Bergman: Dancing with an Unknown Partner

Philip Hanson:
The Operatic Canvas

In collaboration with Corbett vs. Dempsey Gallery in Chicago, two Chicago-based artists present past and present works in two separate solo exhibitions. Margot Bergman has been active in Chicago since the late 1950s. Her work revolves around two themes – found paintings that are partially repainted using surrealistic and often playful imagery; and post-apocalyptic or prehistoric topography populated by explosively animated creatures including rabbits, pigs, jackals, and birds.

Philip Hanson has been an important figure on the Chicago art scene since working within the Imagist movement in the 1960s. Hanson’s paintings are often vibrantly colored and intricately patterned, creating a visual world full of oblique, subtle, multilayered, and sometimes romantic shapes and symbols