Jan 18 2013 - Mar 24 2013

artLAB II : programmed by NMU School of Art and Design student groups

artLAB is an ongoing series of exhibitions featuring artwork and projects proposed by students from the NMU School of Art and Design. The 2013 iteration of artLAB features the student organizations in the School of Art and Design. All exhibitions and programs take place in the rear gallery, which will be divided into four mini-exhibition spaces. The exhibitions are split into two parts:

Hourly Schedule

Part 1: January 18 - February 24

Friday, January 18, 6-8pm
Opening reception (double reception with Faculty Exhibition)
Gallery One: American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) - Ã…tervinna
An educational installation about the consumption of plastic in the United States.
Gallery Two: Student Illustrator Syndicate - Big Adventures
a collaborative and performative illustration experiment.
Gallery Three and Four: Mudslingers
A changing installation of ceramic pieces featuring daily live glazing performances/demonstrations by students.

Part 2: February 28 - March 24

Friday, March 22, 6-8pm
Closing Reception
Closing reception (with a live music performance by the Terminal Orchestra)
Gallery One: Student Photographic Society - Light, in Memoriam
a multi-media installation of "outsourced" objects and photographs made in collaboration with students and strangers.
Gallery Two: Blockheads - Make Your Own Furniture Workshop
Visitors are asked to make a piece of furniture using the provided parts and elements. Take a photo for an archive that will be created on the walls of the gallery.
Gallery Three: Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) - PUSH
create your own environment using prefabricated, moveable walls.
Gallery Four: Art Students' League: So, Two Pollocks Walk Into an Art Gallery...
featuring individual and collaborative work by Brendan Solinski (furniture) and Stephen Smolinski (drawing/painting).