The Art of the Guitar


Sep 07 2007 - Oct 14 2007

Throughout the history of the guitar and related stringed instruments, an enormous number of individuals and companies have made their mark on the way in which guitars were built, played, and perceived. Though some of these individuals, companies and guitars are particularly well known, such as Gibson Guitar Company’s Tribute to Elvis Presley or the Les Paul line of guitars, the majority of guitar makers, or Luthiers, are virtually invisible to most modern guitar fans. More recently, there has been a revival of Luthier produced, one-of-a-kind instruments, in part as a response to low cost mass-produced models available in any music store. As a result of this new found demand and appreciation for handcrafted guitars, there has also been an attempt to elevate the status of many of these works to that of “fine art”.

This collection of instruments is a testament to those individuals and companies who are attempting to address the guitar as a playable tool for making music, and as canvas for artistic self-expression. Featuring works by Shelley Park, David Flammang, Richard Mermer (all courtesy of, Santa Cruz Guitar Company/ Larry Robinson, Gibson, Sven Gonstead, Jake Robinson Guitars, Howard Klepper Gutiars, Gerald Sheppard Guitars, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Weber Fine Art Acoustic Instruments, and Kathy Wingert Guitars.