Another Voice: Political Illustration


Mar 12 2007 - Apr 12 2007

Another Voice is an exhibition of illustration art organized by artist/designer Partrick JB Flynn. The illustrations in the exhibit were originally produced by editorial artist on assignment for The Progressive magazine throughout Flynn’s eighteen-year career as Art Director. The exhibition holds illustrations showcasing works of art from a select group of internationally recognized illustrators. The Progressive magazine has been, since 1909, an independent voice for democracy, peace, social justice, civil rights, civil liberties, and the environment. With the support of his editor, Erwin Knoll, former art director Patrick JB Flynn maintained unfettered authority to commission art for the magazine, allowing for unparalleled creative freedom among an often frustrated cadre of editorial illustrators.

Whitney Sherman, Chair of Maryland Institute College of Art Illustration Department said, “The imagery in “Another Voice” is rich with commentary and concepts. It is graphic art and illustration in the tradition of Hogarth, Rowlandson, Daumier, and Grosz. The social commentary and biting satire deal with issues as relevant in the 1980s as they were in 1880s. This exhibition also celebrates the 18 years of creative freedom that Patrick Flynn had at The Progressive and demonstrates a diversity in concept and style that is the hallmark of contemporary editorial illustration.”